Orbits and Oscillations - Vertigo

I was the producer. Making sure the new recruits were fitting in and having fun.

On Thin Ice - Vertigo

I retired from Buttonholes as leader and the team started to create animations on their own. So proud.

UTS Student Association Hecs Debt Bill 2017 - Commissioned by the the UTS student association to discuss the negative impacts on the Hecs debt presented by a bill in 2017.

I was the director, narrator and compositor. Finished in 2 weeks.

Academia Mentorship - Realising Joe Nguyen's early vision of Edify Australia. To teach the new generations about interpersonal and hard skills.

Verge - Vertigo
Completed with Maxine, Alex, Karin, Max, William, Jin and me. I was responsible for directing, compositing, editing and sound.

Finished in 4 weeks.

Cult - Vertigo
The first official project for Buttonholes together with Maxine, Hana, Alex and me. Responsible for compositing, editing and sound.

Finished in 4 weeks.

Buttonholes was a 2D collective I started who's goal was to unite people together in a collaborative space ,to complete animation projects with people you liked. We worked closely to Vertigo, the UTS magazine team, to create trailers for their magazines. All members were students of UTS studying the Bachelors of Design in Animation across all years.